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The Developing Field of Christian Congregational Music Studies

14. October 2014 - 15:30 -- markporter

I have written an article for the latest edition of Ecclesial Practices describing the Developing Field of Christian Congregational Music Studies. This article is in a special issue of the journal dedicated to Christian Congregational Music. It is published by Brill and can be found below or on their website here.

Food for Risen Bodies - ii

This is a setting of Michael Symmons Roberts' poem 'Food for Risen Bodies - ii'. It was performed at Heath Street Baptist Church on Good Friday 2014. The attached mp3 is an audio rendering for glass harmonica completed by a friend.

Doctoral Dissertation

18. July 2014 - 10:43 -- markporter

Last week I submitted my doctoral thesis for examination. Here is the abstract:

That’s not my music: experiences of Contemporary Worship Music in relation to extraecclesiastical musical attachments

Whilst Contemporary Worship Music arose largely out of a desire to relate the music of the church to the music of everyday life, this function has been called increasingly into question by the diversity of musical lives present in contemporary society. Whilst Contemporary Worship Music is often a relatively homogenous genre the broader musical landscape rarely coheres any...


@nick_s I still have these Bach cantatas. Messaged you ages ago on Facebook about returning them, thought I'd have another go… 10 hours 41 min ago
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@tanyariches no, I haven't been to Germany this year yet :( my postdoc plans include 6 months there though… 4 days 18 hours ago
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